List of Awardees of International Leader Awards

About ICAI and CMI&B

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), established 70 years ago, by an Act of the Indian Parliament, continues its operation as the Single Largest Statutory Accounting body of the world. ICAI stands on Four Pillars – Regulator, Standard Setter, Educator and Partner in Nation Building and has been functioning under the administrative control of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) of the Government of India, as an extended arm.

The Committee for Members in Industry & Business (CMI&B) being a Non-Standing Committee of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) focuses on maintaining a strong, healthy and spontaneous relationship with its eminent Members. Chartered Accountants in business have an array of skills, financial expertise and abilities to help their organisation and society to deal with current challenges. CMI&B in its endeavours to promote, establish & popularise the Chartered Accountancy profession for the benefit of the members in Industry and business, is honored to organise the International Leader Awards to recognise the most deserving member.

International Leader Award

International Leader Award intends to celebrate the determination and commitment of the professionals who would go the extra mile and contribute exceptionally in their dynamic domain. These awards intends to differentiate the members who has demonstrated superior knowledge in their field, experienced professional advancement, demonstrated leadership and actively contributed in achieving the vision of their organization. It would honor the achievements of members throughout the world


To identify, distinguish & highlight the dedication and outstanding contribution of the members who are based outside India.

Why to nominate for International Awards:

Award Process

1. Seeking Nominations: The entire process will be system driven wherein certain information in the desired format supported by documents evidence will be called from the nominee.

2. Scrutiny of the applications: Preliminary scrutiny of the application would be conducted. Information provided in the nomination form and the supporting documents will be veried by the auditors.

3. Selection of Awardee by Jury Panel: A panel of eminent personalities, dignitaries etc. from various industries or business houses would be formed which will select the Awardee under various categories.

4. Honoring awardee in Award Function: A gala function would be organized to celebrate the success of the Awardees.

Categories and Criteria

1 Business Innovation
  • Implementation of Ideas for betterment of organization
    (anything from technical development, augmentation of people or customer satisfaction)
Atleast 5 Years
2 Mentor of the Year
  • Support provided by the member in shaping the career of the young professional
  • Role played in the development and training of the mentee to help them in achieving career goals.
Atleast 10 Years
3 Rising Star
  • Adaptability
  • Innovation
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Multidimensional Approach
Atleast 3 Years
4 Global Charismatic Presence
  • Commitment towards persistent extraordinary performance across the entire global not only in a particular industry.
Atleast 10 Years
5 Best CFO
  • Improvement in the Control Mechanism
  • Fund arrangement & Management
  • Improvement in the Financial Reporting
  • Implementation of Corporate Governance practices
Atleast 10 Years
6 Outstanding Performer
  • Vital contributor to the leadership and value addition to the business.
  • Pioneer of significant strategies to the organization
  • Should be a role model and outstanding leader for peers.
Atleast 5 Years
7 Digital Finance Professional
  • Development of technology or ideas for advancement of processes or whole organization.
  • Initiatives in adopting new solutions to improve efficiency across the organization.
Atleast 10 Years
8 Member of the Year
  • Contribution to the CA Fraternity/Community and ICAI
Atleast 10 Years
9 Commendable Woman
  • Leadership skills
  • Innovation in Business Practices
  • Being progressive to employee needs
Atleast 5 Years


Nomination Guidelines

General Guidelines

In case of any queries, please contact at 011-30110548/549/450/525/430 or email to